History To Follow.

Having walked around the huge 14ft walled perimeter of this derelict mansion, we final found a way into the grounds.  We continued across 2 large fields which we noted had being recently cut, not a good sign when out exploring !  we finally came around a bend and the full view of the massive mansion was revealed, it took us a while to actually take in the size of the building, it was huge and we could even see an old observatory in one of the towers.  We proceeded to try and find a way in, but whilst walking around the property we noticed, motion detectors, a plethora of CCTV cameras and audio alarm security equipment, Trespassers will be prosecuted signs everywhere. Undeterred we ventured on trying to avoid detection, we made our way to the front of the mansion and it was absolutely stunning, creeping ivy on the walls, and a enchanting lake surrounded by an array of beautiful trees and shrubs.  We decided to get a photo here and not too soon ! As just after a 3 legged guard dog came running towards us trying (but failing) to look mean, we manage to make friends with the dog but not long after the security guy turned up and said we had been seen on the live CCTV by their security office based in Manchester who had radio him to apprehend us.  We chatted the the guy for a few minutes and he kindly told us some history about the mansion and how it was owned by Albert Gubay the owner of Kwik Save and 698th Richest man in the world, and that he’s plans to make it into flats failed due to not being able to get the relevant permissions so its just being left derelict for years with paid security.  Had a great chat as he escorted us off site,  a great guy !    









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