Greengates Quarry – Teesdale, UK


Quarrying has been a feature of the area for many centuries varying in scale and age. Their partially weathered outcrops and spoil heaps are found throughout the dale. Whinstone, limestone and freestone have been quarried for local buildings and walls: and roads and smelt furnaces further afield. Green Gates quarries closed early in 1917. Setset quarry closed most recently in January 2006.

This is one of the most magical places we have ever explored, a real gem !  We have known about this quarry and the adjoining house for many years (since we were children) and have visited on many occasions, below are some of the photos from recent visits in the height of summer and the low (temperatures) of winter.   The house really has some of the best views in Teesdale over looking Selset reservoir and the surrounding countryside and the famous Kirkcarrion, the weather has taken its toll and since an earlier visit a storm has blew the whole front wall from the building including the beautiful bay window.  However this does not detract from the great character of the place, inside you can still see the original fireplace and against all the odds two single tiles still hang in place on the fire surround, the doorway porch still has the original coat hooks in place and amazingly the chimney stack still remains standing after decades in this exposed location.   A short distance directly behind the house is a few outbuildings including a WC which consists of a plank of wood with a hole in it,  the quarry itself is located near here, the view from the top is spectacular but the real experience is going inside the quarry at the bottom level, its so peaceful and you can’t here a sound, really good to re-energise, calm and relax !   Also situated around the quarry are the old tunnels which are great to explore but sadly don’t go very far as they have been filled in when the quarry closed.  Great days and many more to come when we revisit this tranquil location !

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