Relatively long levels and associated shafts working the Flushiemere Great, B and C veins along with Ryland Veins No.1 & 2.  The grid reference provided is for the London Lead Co.’s horse level. The company also drove an exploratory level from Blea Gill at NY91573036 which proved some small flats off the Great Vein in the Great limestone, but little work was done on them.The mineralisation is unusual for the immediate area in that considerable quantities of barytes were present in Flushiemere C and the Rylands veins.

Saw this derelict place on my drive through the moor to work each morning and decided to go and explore, we parked the car up on the roadside and set off on foot across three extremely boggy fields.  Once we reached the house we were in awe of the beautiful surroundings and the remoteness of the building gave it a sense of being long forgotten.  The house itself was is rather a good condition considering all the inclement weather and harsh winters it must have endured !  One of the outbuildings roof had collapsed completely and the main house roof had a few holes in but once we got inside there was still plenty of details left, like the detailing on the fireplace panel that still remained,  an original door hanging on by one hinge and even an old bath tub balance precariously in the loft space !!  Having explored in side we began to explore the immediate vicinity and came across some old farm machinery and the old mine shafts which when we dropped a stone down it seemed like a lifetime before we heard it hit the bottom.  Just before heading back to the car we followed a small stream and followed it through a delightful little tunnel, a really amazing find and lots of fun !

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