Ushaw College, a former Catholic seminary and Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham, covers 400 acres in the village of Ushaw Moor in the UK. It was founded in 1808 by scholars from English College, Douai, who had fled France after that college had been closed during the French Revolution. Ushaw College had been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968. Until 2011, Ushaw was the principal Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations. The buildings and grounds are now occupied and maintained by the Ushaw charitable trust, and Durham University Business School is using the buildings from April 2012 for two years, whilst its own site is redeveloped.

This was one of out first explores and it did not disappoint !  The building looks magnificent from the outside especially in the summer when we visited, this place has so much character and we had a great explore.  Upon arrival we searched for nearly 45 mins for an entry point, having walked around the whole building which was securely boarded up and had wrought iron bars in place , we even stumbled into the live area of the new college which is right next door.  However we did not give up and finally figured it out and it was one of the most amusing entry’s and involved a lot of climbing and jumping.  Once inside it appeared to be in an okay condition, we spent hours here looking in all the rooms, there was so much to see from the ivy creeping into the building, to the old signs, retro ginger bread tin, ancient wall art and vintage typewriter.  There was even a door that reminded us of the shining !! 

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2 thoughts on “USHAW COLLEGE – DURHAM, UK

  1. what an absolutely magnificent building, I hate seeing them being neglected, even when there’s a different kind of beauty in the decay. great report and captures.

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