Ski Village – Sheffield, UK


Sheffield Ski Village was an artificial ski slope complex in the Parkwood Springs area of Sheffield, England until destroyed by fire in 2012. It was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe with a sports shop, bar, restaurant and a range of slopes which include a Snowflex nursery slope, a dendix recreational slope and a freestyle park consisting of a half pipe, hip jump, kicker, a quarter pipe and various grind rails.
The Sheffield Ski Village was also one of the main training grounds for the Yorkshire Freestyle Squad and many professional freestyle skiers, such as James Woods, Katie Summerhayes and other significant British athletes who trained at Sheffield Ski Village include Ellie Koyander and Paddy Graham (Pro freeskier sponsored by Red Bull. Most of the former were also active members of the Sheffield Sharks Ski Club during their childhood and early teenage years.

We visited the derelict resort in January 2014, the site was in a rather dilapidated state, we found ourselves wondering what this once great resort must have looked like when it was a popular, working ski village.   Nevertheless we had a great time exploring and the views over Sheffield were great from this elevated position, we also had sum amazing fun on the slopes ! 

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